Malted Tart with Chocolate sponge

My favourites – - the sound of a jet in the distance on a warm sunny day – Wildflowers – Malteasers; eaten chocolate first then malted goodness – Song mashups, particularly anything with a bit of hiphop or soul – The vibe on the day of a party – Scoring flights based on their landings (it’s an out of 10…



This week has been a blur of birthdays, travel and wandering in the garden of unearthly delights (somewhat spooky on Mondays when it’s ‘off-duty’).   Garden of Unearthly Delights Coming soon – Malted tart with chocolate sponge. The Royal Croquet Club Pimm’s O’clock     Kendrick Lamar lighting up Etihad Stadium with phone lights.



I was all ready and set to post some bordering on emotionally destructive and emo(ish) post, thankfully I didn’t press fire. Instead I took a walk (always recommended) and watched Sex and the City – you know the episode where they bag on 20-somethings (what did we do wrong?). Welcome to 2014 you guys!!! We made it! Congratulations on living…