Australia Day Passionfruit Meringues


Pavlova: a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. Continue reading


Raspberry and Rose Macarons


Are you following me on instagram? If not I fear you would think of me as someone who gives up. It’s been sparse around here.

Because I don’t think I had anything noteworthy to say. I mean I still don’t; but the mood has dragged me here. Continue reading


Chocolate Cake


It’s been a while, I want to tell you about all the things that have happened. Holiday plans, travel, new books I’ve read, things I love and people that I love even more. Continue reading


Lemon and Lavender Friands


I’ve been trying to perfect this recipe for a while, you see my house mate, she’s a coeliac – and aside from that downfall she’s a wonderful person. Continue reading


Duck Egg Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting

I need to tell you about my undying love for mini eggs. Continue reading


Lime Teacakes with Rosewater Cream


I have to tell you this story. It’s a pretty epic story (it’s not). It’s the tale of the dessert Laksa. Continue reading


Raspberry Baked Oatmeal



Scotland’s culinary exploits are an interesting adventure at the best of times, from the obvious (haggis) to the downright wrong (deep fried mars bar/pizza).

And you know what? Continue reading


Malted Tart with Chocolate sponge


My favourites –

– the sound of a jet in the distance on a warm sunny day
– Wildflowers
– Malteasers; eaten chocolate first then malted goodness
– Song mashups, particularly anything with a bit of hiphop or soul
– The vibe on the day of a party
– Scoring flights based on their landings (it’s an out of 10 system) Continue reading




This week has been a blur of birthdays, travel and wandering in the garden of unearthly delights (somewhat spooky on Mondays when it’s ‘off-duty’).



Garden of Unearthly Delights


Coming soon – Malted tart with chocolate sponge.


The Royal Croquet Club


Pimm’s O’clock





Kendrick Lamar lighting up Etihad Stadium with phone lights.


Chocolate, Hazelnut and Banana Upside-Down Cake


Adelaide has been hot. Like crying in a puddle of sweat hot. Lying in an ice bath hot. The ice bath turning to hot tub within 20 minutes hot. Continue reading


Hazelnut and Raspberry Sandwiches


I spend most of my days dreaming up alternative lives, lives where I quit my job, pull all my savings and travel the world with nought but a back pack and sunscreen Continue reading




I was all ready and set to post some bordering on emotionally destructive and emo(ish) post, thankfully I didn’t press fire. Instead I took a walk (always recommended) and watched Sex and the City – you know the episode where they bag on 20-somethings (what did we do wrong?).

Welcome to 2014 you guys!!! We made it! Congratulations on living until this point in time! Think of all those epic birthdays you’ve had, those times when you’ve felt on top of the world, the times that you didn’t, the days that you stayed in watching man vs food dreaming up those EPIC burgers you could totally make if only you had excess to 20kg of ‘mericahs best meat. Yeah your life has been fucking epic. You’re epic. I love you!

That whole process (cue props to endorphins! Props) got me thinking about you, random person. And to thinking about how happy it makes me when I get an awesome comment, or see that people in Mongolia (Mongolia!!??!!) are reading something I wrote. So I figured, if I want to be happy in 2014, and like, duuuh I do, I should do it by making other people happy!

My new years resolution is the Happy Project 2014, you should totally join in. One thing a week, just to make someone else smile, I’m gonna kick it off with food (again duh). Keep up on Instagram @Rachie_TLC, also link over there>>. If you want to do more than one thing a week, go for it, you overachiever you.

 happy project