No-Added Sugar Banana Pancakes


The best things in life are free, second to that they are simple. And third they are mind-blowing.

I find that it’s generally a-okay to only satisfy one of those criteria at a time, today we’re gonna go with simple; okay maybe also mind-blowing too, because bananas. Bananas are mind-blowing. A good banana will change your day.


If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I take a lot of breakfast shots; and pictures of ducks, it’s about 50/50. I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there that in my honest and somewhat humbled opinion breakfast is the best meal of the day. Hands down (I’m loving breakfast polenta right now, it’s so damn good).


My go to breakfast is usually fruit and yoghurt with a side of toast, but when I’m feeling awesome I’ll whip up some pancakes and these are the ones I make. At least once a week I eat these guys, I tell everyone about them, I can tell you the recipe without a seconds thought, this is my legacy (probably… Hopefully it’ll be something more substantial, but right now this is it. I’m okay with that.).


The lovely people at Kitchenware Superstore kindly gave me this pan to try out, I’m freaking loving it. A good non-stick pan is just amazing, these pancakes really benefit from no extra oil or other greasing agents. I’ve also made sauces, pan fried veggies and eggs, it’s damn good.

p.s. how funny would an actual greasing agent look, hair slicked back, skin oiled up. I can’t deal.


For this we don’t need no scales or fancy equipment, get some measuring cups (or even guestimate), a container to mix in and a container to mash in.


No-Added-Sugar Banana Pancakes
Based on Joy the Bakers Single Lady Pancakes in her cookbook.


1/3 of a cup of Wholemeal Flour
1/4 teaspoon of Baking Powder
Pinch of Baking Soda
Big pinch of Salt
1/4 of a cup of rolled oats
Quarter of a cup of butter milk, or half/half – milk/natural yoghurt
1/4 of a teaspoon of Vanilla Paste
Half a ripe Banana
1 tablespoons of olive oil
(butter or olive oil to grease if you need

Additional extras that I highly recommend

Half a cup (or more) of frozen berries (I love raspberries for their tartness)
Other fruit for super fun times
Also nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and cream would go down a treat.


In a mixing bowl combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and oats together. In a jug mash the banana, milk and vanilla paste together to create the most heavenly smelling milkshake thing (ever!).

Place your pan on a medium heat.

Pour the banana milkshake situation into the flour bowl and fold together until kind of combined – it really doesn’t matter if there are lumps – and set aside.

Put your frozen berries in a microwave safe container and blast for a minute – that’s your sauce.

Grease the fry pan if need be. I find ice cream scoops come in very helpful now, scoop the pancake mixture into the pan. Depending on how many pancakes you want this recipe makes 2/3. Cook for a couple of minutes each side; this is all dependent on how big your pancake is.

Serve with your favourite fruits and the berry sauce. Have a great morning you superstar.

(Whilst I did receive this fry pan for free, my words and thoughts are exactly the same. I don’t review things I don’t love. Thanks reading and continuing to support The Little Cookbook – I bloody love you guys)

2 thoughts on “No-Added Sugar Banana Pancakes”

    1. Just eat breakfast when you wake up! I would highly recommend these, they are so easy and delicious – i’m biased, but they are amazing.

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